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Be cautious when searching the Internet for a vacation rental so that you will not become a scam victim. Advantages to legitimate vacation rentals can be more space for less money, fully equipped kitchens, dining rooms and more pet-friendly policies, plus greater privacy. Extras can include plenty of closet space, your own private pool and maybe even a hot tub.


1. Use a computer to search the street address of prospective vacation rentals. Verify that the location actually exists by searching the Internet white pages or real estate sites for those areas.

2. Check for rentals that have been built within the last five years or those that have been renovated during the last few years to get the best deal for your dollar. Pay closer attention to those with postings of many photos. If the property interests you, then it would be a good idea to request more photos from the owner — just to be sure your potential rental property looks good in every room.

3. Read the reviews given for the listed vacation property. Be sure there are many satisfied customers. For instance, at the website VRBO (which stands for Vacation Rentals By Owner), a review section is available at the bottom of the rental page you are viewing where customers sometimes leave comments. This online site was established in 1995, allowing homeowners to advertise their vacation rentals, now totaling more than 140,000 in more than 100 countries.

4. Use a credit card to reserve your rental. If the home turns out to be a fake address or not as purported in the description, you can dispute the charge.

Protect your vacation at rental cottage

Here are the things that can go wrong:
1. Cancelation.
Situation: You booked a cottage in advance, but you cannot go due to some emergency (death in the family, illness, jury duty, your house burned down, etc).

Solution: First, you need to become familiar with the cancellation policy of your rental. All respectable cottage owners or rental agencies should have Terms and Conditions document that you sign/agree during the booking process. This document should clearly outline the cancellation policy. In most cases if you can notify the cottage owner in advance, there is a chance that the cottage can be re-booked and you will get refunded. Even if your rental dates are getting re-booked, rental agencies still charging cancellation fee that is in $100-$200 range.
Second, you can purchase cancellation insurance. There are multiple brokers that provide such kind of insurance for cottage rentals, e.g. or These companies will insure your trip, but you would need two documents if you want to claim your insurance – prove of payment and prove of accident (death certificate, doctor’s note, pink slip, etc). Please note that they will note reimburse your money if you “just changed your mind”.
The cost of cancellation insurance is very reasonable – usually less than 5% of your trip cost. For example, I was charged only $75 for my $2,000 1-week vacation at the private cottage.

2. Damage.
Situation: something was broken or damaged during your stay at the cottage. It can be furniture, doors, windows, toilet, roof, etc.
Solution: Terms and Conditions document should outline your responsibilities in case of damage. Most cottage owners should have their own cottage insurance that covers damages caused by renters. Be aware that some cottage owners are not disclosing the fact that the cottage gets rented by the outsiders to their insurance company in order to save money on insurance premiums. In these cases the damage caused by renters is not covered.
Cottage insurance has a deductible that usually equals to your damage deposit. So, if something will go wrong, cottage owner can use your deposit to fix the damage and if it is not enough – claim his/her own insurance.
It is almost impossible to get the insurance from 3rd party for your damage deposit, however some rental agencies provide Damage Protection plan, e.g. Rent Cottage. The price of such plan is around $50 and it gives you complete coverage (but it does not mean that you can go completely wild :)).

Here are some tips how to make sure that you are not losing your damage deposit:
– inspect the cottage at the arrival and inform cottage owner about all existing damages;
-If you or somebody from your party caused any damage, please inform the cottage owner. First, you always need to be responsible for your deeds and secondly, you will have a chance to negotiate the price of your damage rather than losing complete deposit;
– upon departure, arrange second inspection with cottage owner or his/her trusted person to make sure that there are no new damages. Ask to put the results of the inspection in writing and keep this document until your damage deposit if fully refunded;
Unfortunately, if the cottage owner does not want to return your damage deposit and you feel that it is not fair, there is nothing much you can do except going to the Small Claims Court and/or sharing your experience on the internet by writing review on the sites like

3. Medical Emergency.
If you live in Canada and renting cottage in Canada, you don’t need to worry about your Medical Insurance, since all Canadians are covered by the government. All you need to do is not to forget your Health Card.
If you are traveling from abroad, I strongly recommend you to purchase the medical insurance from travel insurance company (the companies outlined above also provide medical insurance).
Before arriving to the cottage, you need to find out where is the location of the closest hospital. In case of real emergency, call 911 (preferably from the local phone).
Most likely your vacation will go without any accidents, but don’t leave everything to chance.

RentalCars Review is a rental website which provides a convenient way to compare rental car prices. Most people think there are only 3 or 4 rental car companies, when in fact there are many more. compares 14 different rental car companies to provide you with the best price possible. Now, not all destinations will have 14 rental car varieties but many popular spots will have a major of these rental car companies.

Compare rental car prices now: Visit

Many new rental car companies need to offer very low prices to get established and you can often get much cheaper rates. Established rental car companies have also dropped prices in order to compete with the lower priced new guys.

This competition is very good for the consumer as prices will become lower and renters will have more options. You could go to each of the 14 car rental websites individually or call each one individually, explain to them your departure, destination, type of car you want, and how long you want it.


You could go to, enter in your rental location, the pick-up date, the drop-off date, and then search for rental cars.

After you click search, you’ll be show rental cars from a variety of companies with the lowest priced first. On the left you’ll see the company and as you work your way from left to right of the page, you’ll see an image of the car, the type of car, the amount of people and luggage it holds, and then the price.

This website makes it easy to pick the least expensive rental car for your next vacation

Things You Need to Do in Finding an Apartment for Your Vacation

A vacation to another country, like Vietnam, can mean a lot to you and your family. This can serve as a good opportunity to unwind and experience a different environment from your usual activities. At the same time, you can use this time to tighten the bond that you share with your loved ones and renew your relationships. Hence, it would be important for you to find a good time that is common among family members, so you can travel together. As soon as you are able to make arrangements for the much-needed break, then you would want to secure other priorities that are relevant to your trip.

There is not enough words to stress the value of securing the money that you will need for your trip. After all, this is the means that you will need to accomplish everything on your checklist. It is, therefore, important for you to make sure that you have an ample amount of cash on hand while making the necessary arrangements with your bank and credit card company to serve as back up, in case that there would be an emergency. This is important so you can focus on the vacation itself and not have to worry about running short on cash while in Vietnam.

As soon as you have secured the budget for your trip, then you need to pay attention in securing an apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City. This would be an excellent venue for you and your family to stay in while in the country. By renting an apartment, you can be guaranteed that you can have the comfort that you need on your vacation. As it is an entire house that have complete amenities for you to use, you can be sure that you would not have to pay anything extra for these. This is a benefit that you can enjoy other than the savings that you get from not getting hotel accommodations for your family.

You may be wondering about the steps that you need to take to secure a good apartment. It is actually quite simple.

1. Use a search engine or simply look up an apartment from Snap rental agency. Choices will immediately pull up so it would be easy for you to check out available selections of an apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City.

2. Check out the amenities available for each apartment that you would consider. You also need to check out the number of rooms that it has or the floor area of the entire house. This way, you would know whether you and your family will be comfortable in it during your stay.

3. Try to access those apartments with pictures. The visual aids will still be helpful in setting your expectations about the place.

4. Review any discounts or special rates that are offered for the apartments on your shortlist. A percentage off the regular rental rates are still good opportunities for you to save more.

As soon as you have arrived at a decision about the apartment that you want, take the necessary steps to place a reservation. This way, you can take this important chunk off your checklist and just focus on packing the other essentials for your Vietnam vacation.

Recheck Your Bagpack Before Going For The Vacations

Vacations are the pleasent time in everyone’s life. Because it is the time when you are far away from your daily boring life and you are enjoying a lot. When you are lying down on the warm beach, you are feeling so relaxed and forget your real life tensions. Thus vacations help you to refresh your mind or yourself. For the memorable vacations you have to properly prepare yourself before going on the vacations. Vacation preparing is not only related to manage travelling period and vacation rentals. You have to prepare yourself meanws Are you properly packed your bags? Or Are you enquired enough with travel agency about the tourist attractions and destinations? Have you put all the necessary accessories in your kit. Here are some tips and list of accessories that may help you.

Water and Snacks : Whenever you are going on trip do not forget to pack water and snacks with yourself. The packed water and snacks are useful for you during the journey. When you feel thirsty during journey then you don’t need to stop and arrange the water. You can use your own packed water. As snacks and water are also available on the destination place but your packed snacks will help you in many situation for example if you reached your destination place at midnight and you want to eat then you can use your packed food.

Compass and Map : One more thing that you need to pack is compass and map. A map is very helpful for you in many situations just like if you are far away from your vacational home in the night and you are not able to find your home then map will help you to reach your loacation. Therefore map is very useful thing during vacations.

Wallet with Credit Cards : Money is the source of all the happenings. Therefore don’t forget to put your wallets and credit cards. Suppose if you are reached at your destination, very far away from your home. You checked that you forget your wallets and credit cards then that moment will be very sad moment for you. In that situation you have not any solution then you have to go back home without enjoying holidays.

Mobile phone and Laptop : Mobile phone and laptop are the necessary accessories and you can’t live anywhere without a mobile phone. If you forget your phone at the home then you may be in trouble at the trip. As all contacts are saved in the mobile phone then without phone you will be helpless and unable to call any of your friend. Therefore don’t forget to take mobile phone. Through mobile phone and laptop you can connect to internet and upload photos on social networking sites.

In addition also carry rainkot, umbrella and other things like story books etc. For more information you can contact to Apartment Reviews and take the tips about vacations. You can also get the apartments for rent on cheap prices from the apartment reviews.

5 Tips for Planning Your Summer Vacation

Even though the global economy has shaken the travel industry in the last couple of years, many signs signal that there is a recovery trend. People are laying down the fear of uncertainty, and are trying to plan their upcoming vacations and chill-out from the exhausting year.

The recovered economy means that many are ready to spend on summer vacation again. But, that doesn’t mean that now people are splashing all their savings on a week of joy and relaxation. More than ever, everybody is trying to save on a great deal. The best value for the money is always the key criteria for a deal.

In this article, we will try to give you some useful tips for planning your great summer vacation, thus not splashing huge on it.

Skip the middleman. Reaching the travel agencies is a classic approach for finding a place to rent a property for your vacation. Leaving aside all the advantages of this approach, if you want to find a nice deal, you got to skip the middleman and cut its margin in the value chain. Agencies are taking their margins for matching you as a traveler with the vacation property owners. There are plenty of online portals that will help you find your ideal destination, or wanted place at an affordable price. You can find homes, condominiums, villas, cabins, bed and breakfasts, all-inclusive resorts by reviewing the property costs and rental agreement quickly and easily prior to the booking.

Explore hidden gems. Sumner vacations in destinations such as Barbados, Fiji, and Hawaii etc. tend to cost a lot. Non-celebrities who are looking to avoid those crowds and get better deals should consider places often overlooked by most, such as Southern and Central Europe, Australia, Oceania, Africa etc. Places like Greece, Croatia, and Bulgaria are awesome for a classic summer vacation in a wonderful resort near the beach. Places like Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia are great for a late summer vacation for good prices. And cities like Nice, Barcelona, Venice, Cannes are fantastic for an early fall vacation and shopping.

Plan early but wait on deals. If you are planning a honeymoon trip, waiting is a risky strategy. Otherwise, booking the lowest-price room or vehicle and then upgrading on the spot can lead to better deals. Also, If you’re expecting for a payout from your credit card issuer in the form of cash back, gift cards, or airline miles, that payout can be used to fund your summer vacation.

Group with friends. Gathering with your friends for the summer vacation can bring you extra fun and extra cost savings. Besides the wonderful time with your beloved ones, you can look for a vacation rental property from the owners for rent, like a villa, cabin, apartment or a hotel and share the costs. You will have the all privacy and convenience that a property would bring, and will save agreeing terms with the owner itself and bypass the agencies’ fees.

Bring “everything”. Packing your own stuff, like food, clothes and accessories is a job for the ladies, I guess. Nevertheless, note that there always will be something that is missing. But the most important thing is to pack the right attitude. Let the “what if” and live the adventure. If this is a vacation to get away and relax, then focus on activities and thoughts that will be relaxing. If your goal is to reconnect with family and build memories together, that can be done regardless of circumstances. If your goal is to sight-see and take in some special attractions or shows, then plan ahead and make the reservations needed and make sure you are all set for the challenges.

So if you are looking for value, by renting directly from property owners, here are a couple of sites: Holiday Rent Club, Rentalo, etc

4 Awesome Tips for Choosing a Perfect Holiday Rental

It used to be that there were few sites to look if you had to find a vacation rental online. Up until not too long ago, your only choices were web-sites like VRBO or Cyber Rentals. These websites have existed since at least the late 1990s and usually dominated the industry.

VRBO and Cyber Rentals remain around, but you have a whole lot more choices when searching for a rental today. Web-sites such as TripAdvisor or HomeAway or PerfectPlaces have popped up, together with a slew of smaller, local and hyper-local sites.

Generally speaking, the bigger web pages all have a similar amount of listed accommodations. There are some regional disparities from time to time, but generally most of these web-sites should have a good variety from which to select.

The problem lies less in having a big selection of rental accommodations from which to choose, but choosing the right rental. The first choice you will need to make is whether you want a rental that’s handled and listed through the owner or one that is posted by a management company. The newer web pages make this decision fairly easy, as most make this difference pretty obvious.

As soon as you’ve shrunken it down to one group or the other, you’ll want to pay close attention to the properties themselves. Not only the most apparent things such as pictures or amenities – those things you’ll always need to take into account. You will want to find out if the availability calendar has been updated lately. That’s important because it demonstrates both a commitment to actively managing the property or home, along with giving you an indicator of how many hours you’ll gain or squander going back and forth trying to figure out if the property is available.

Before making a final determination of which owners or administrators to approach, be certain that the home has received at least some ratings. Great testimonials are helpful to find, but don’t discount the negative reviews. If a lousy assessment has a reply specifically responding to the things outlined in the review, that’s a fantastic indicator. It indicates the owner or manager is paying attention and is making an effort in making the home better.

All reviews that are positive don’t always suggest an excellent property. Evaluations can be faked. If a property or home has all reviews that are positive, with no mention of any kind of issues whatsoever, be careful. New web-sites, such as AirBnB make the process of deciding whether an assessment is legitimate much easier by tying the evaluators identity to Facebook or by including other types of social proof.

As a closing step, assess the actual individual you are corresponding with about your rental. Don’t exclusively inquire about the rental itself. Ask them specific questions regarding the region where the rental is situated, ask them for restaurant tips, get them to suggest things to do, etc. Put simply, confirm they are intimately familiar with both the property and region they represent. What you don’t want is just someone who’s answering queries. You should correspond with somebody who lives and works in the area.

Are Family vacation Property Rentals Suitable For You?

The fantastic older city of Dubrovnik houses quite a few critical monuments and architectural attractions steeped in record. The spectacular blue waters of the Adriatic is a big pull with holidaymakers seeking to go for diving or sailing practical knowledge which can command some magnificent views. The Dubrovnik vacation properties rental industry is incredibly substantial in desire, specially in the course of the summertime months.

Another tourism hotspot in Croatia is the stunning harbour city of Trogir, its architectural web sites are a ought to for enthusiasts and all visitors alike. Trogir apartment rentals hunting through the harbour and the Adriatic are extremely common with travellers. In point, travellers account for about 50% of the town’s municipal price range. Trogir is a excellent area to look at your hand at sailing and fishing.

If you are looking for a stunning and enjoyable beach holiday, then search no more than Hvar Island, the island enjoys some wonderful climate and gives you some pristine beaches overlooking the Adriatic. Hvar Island seashore villas and apartments can be observed and most set in incredible places with sunning views. Quite a few Croatian natives also go to this island for a break.

There are no doubting Croatia’s credentials as a gorgeous ad enjoyable nation for individuals from all through the world to visit. It feels exclusive and unique to the envy of lots of countries, there seriously is a tiny bit of all in Croatia for everybody.

Writer: Boris Grosu

To figure out no matter whether holiday household rental is proper for you or not, you will need to review the pros and cons of getaway dwelling rentals and at the similar time understand the limitations of hotel rooms. There can not be two views that the essential intent of availing family vacation is to get away from the drab regimen of every day everyday life and commit good quality time with your friends and family members and other loved ones. The extent to which you can appreciate your dream vacation mostly is dependent on the form of accommodation you get to remain.

It is a simple fact that till some a long time back again, there ended up only hotel accommodation for holidaymakers and there was no substitute. But given that then factors have transformed and right now most folks choose for vacation homes alternatively of congested and prosaic hotel rooms. The other amenities provided by vacation residences are a flat tv, computer with internet connection, audio process, DVD, washing machine, fridge and so on.

Most family vacation households also supply amenities like front desk examine-in, 24-hour maintenance, house keeping, laundry facilities and concierge solutions. If your relatives or group dimensions is substantial and if you are organizing a very long getaway, then vacation home will prove terribly price tag-successful. As vacation residences come in various dimensions and various functions, you can choose the 1 that very best meets your requirements, taste and spending plan.

There is a common misconception that vacation rental are unaffordable – but the simple fact is family vacation homes collection from the luxurious and high-priced ones to economically priced ones. Family vacation rentals can are identified in various type of locations. You can opt for 1 on the beachfront, in the heart of a metropolis, in a calm peripheral place or near to the place tourist spots abound.

As opposed to hotel accommodation, you can like increased degree of flexibility as very well as privacy in family vacation homes.

Why holiday rental properties are gaining popularity amongst property owners

Europe is the world’s largest holiday rentals market, and holiday rentals have always been an attractive accommodation option for European holiday makers. However, it is only been in the past two years or so that the spotlight has really been focused on this sector. What has brought about this renewed interest into the holiday rentals sector?

On the holiday maker end, economics and technology are the main drivers. Belt tightening in Europe has meant that Europeans are holidaying closer to home within Europe or doing domestic holidays. Additionally, with the rise of the emerging markets, non- Europeans are able to travel abroad more often, and revisit a destination again after their initial tours. Rather than being cooped up in a tiny hotel room, for the same costs, they are able to rent a larger apartment or villa.

Technology has been a key catalyst in bringing the holiday rental properties industry into the limelight in the past two years. As holiday makers get used to planning and booking their travels online with the aid of travel reviews, they are discovering that holiday rentals are better value for money.

As for property owners, they are discovering that they are no longer subject to the marketing efforts of holiday rental management companies who take a hefty chunk of commission, and might not be putting in as much effort in market the property other than just putting it on their websites or brochures. The other option in the past was just having their own websites, which hardly stood out from the multitude of vacation rental sites online. The rise of vacation rentals by owners websites empowers property owners who do not need to pay any upfront fees to list and market their properties. These websites typically collect a commission with each booking, with the added security feature that the booking fees are only passed onto the property owner after check in. Property owners are also protected by setting their cancellation policies as well as deposits should they wish to. After each stay, both the property owner and the holiday maker can review each other, thereby building up their respective reputation for future stays and rentals.

So why should property owners consider renting out their place to holiday makers via vacation rentals by owners websites? These websites not only empower the property owners to compete against the hotels on a more level playing field in the absence of a marketing budget, but it provides the property owners with the flexibility of renting it out when they want it, and not be committed to a long-term rent to a tenant or via a property management company.

There are many reasons why property owners choose to rent out their place – be it saving up for a holiday, an important event like their wedding, not having to sell off their place if they have been made redundant, having a retirement income stream or simply putting their children through to higher education. Vacation rentals by owners websites empower property owners and at the same time allow them the flexibility in being an micro-entrepreneur, and running their own holiday accommodation without the need of huge start-up costs.

8 Ways to Scam-Proof Your Next Vacation Home Rental Transaction

It’s true: Lately, there’s been a rash of news stories about would-be vacationers who went online, found the perfect house or condo, paid the rental fee—and showed up to find an occupied residence that was never for rent at all. Yet as scary as these stories are, they shouldn’t stop you from going the vacation rental route.

The benefits of renting Santaluz homes far outweigh the minimal risks. These properties are more spacious and often less expensive than hotel rooms. They’re appointed with all the comforts of home (because, of course, they are homes). They’re private. They tend to be kid friendly. Often, they’re pet friendly as well.

Plus, by taking certain precautions, you can make the likelihood of getting scammed almost non-existent, she insists.

That said, here are eight tips to help you safely book your vacation home in today’s environment:
• Beware of super-cheap rates. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. The most common way scammers work is by enticing a large number of travelers in a short period of time. They do this by low-balling the rental rates.

If one listing is, say, half the price of all other comparable ones for the same amount of time, beware. “Put yourself in the owner’s shoes: Why would he or she voluntarily forgo that much income? Five, ten, or maybe even fifteen percent off, perhaps, but fifty percent? No way.”

• Do some digging to make sure the owner really is the owner. Many Rancho Santa Fe real estate owners make it easy to look up property tax records. Google the property appraiser in the county where the property is located to make sure the person you are renting from actually owns the property. You might also Google the homeowner’s association and look for a phone number on the website. Call the HOA and ask if the owners really are the owners.

Now, some of the tax records might show that the property is owned by an LLC or trust. But that information actually serves as an extra barrier against being scammed. The rental agreement should mention the LLC or trust. If it doesn’t, call the owner and ask. He or she should be able to tell you the name of this legal entity without hesitation.

• Cyber-stalk the owner. Do some cross-referencing across various websites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so forth. Make sure the place of residence (where the owner lives—not where the vacation home is located) is the same as the information the owner provided.

Also, she suggests Googling the phone number listed on the advertisement. Many property owners and managers list their homes on many different websites.

• Look for clues in the reviews. When you are reading the reviews of the property (either on the vacation rental website or on other sites such as, there are sometimes references to the owners’ names. A review might say something like: Thanks, Tom and Christine, for allowing us to rent your lovely home…If the names in the reviews do NOT match the name of the person renting the home to you, it could be a sign that something is not right.
• Speak with the owner via phone. Sure, it’s possible to be scammed over the phone. However, it’s usually easier to fool someone when you’re communicating via type. If the owner sounds warm and engaging and seems to know her stuff, you’re probably okay. If she sounds guarded or uncertain, you might have reason to worry. When you get someone on the phone, you can ask specific questions—and listen carefully to the answers.

Ask about the local area. Ask about the best restaurants, the most unusual attractions, and so forth. If you get quick, natural answers, it’s probably not a scam. If the owner hesitates, or if you hear the sound of her Googling furiously, you would likely be suspicious.

• Pay only by credit card. Don’t use PayPal, don’t send a personal check, and NEVER, EVER pay by wire transfer.

Scammers are less likely than legitimate property owners to have a credit card merchant account set up. And even if you were to still get scammed, you’d be able to call your credit card’s fraud prevention center and report it.

• Go with one of the major vacation rental websites. You’re probably safest choosing a site like HomeAway, VRBO, FlipKey, or Airbnb. Of course, a respected name doesn’t guarantee a 100 percent safe transaction—there have been instances of owners having their e-mail accounts hijacked by scammers—but the major websites tend to have better safeguards in place.

• Listen to your gut…it’s often right. Do your research. Call the property owner. Listen carefully to everything he or she has to say. If something just feels “off,” move on to another property, advises Karpinski.

Scammers usually count on people not paying attention, not heeding their intuition,” she says. “That still, small voice exists for a reason. Listen to it.

Renting a vacation home is like anything else. It’s not risk-free, but when you take these steps to mitigate the risk, you can feel 99.9 percent confident that you’re not getting scammed—and these are pretty good odds.

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